1. preparation before departure:

1. Be sure to bring your passport, ID card, air tickets, personal travel supplies, and prepare to arrive at the meeting place. Wear a tour group badge on your chest for the tour leader to recognize.

2.  2 Because of the awareness of environmental protection, 旅遊保險 hotels often do not have disposable utensils. Tourists are requested to bring their own towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tea, slippers and common personal essential medicines. You must pay attention to weather forecasts around the world when preparing your clothes. Travel clothing should be light and comfortable, except for special occasions.

3. Other items to bring: umbrellas, cameras, film, etc.

4. Separate checked luggage and hand luggage in advance, and carry it with you in a suitcase with wheels. 20 kg of large luggage is checked for free (excess baggage needs to be paid in cash). Hand luggage shall not exceed two years. Individual foreign airlines are only limited to one piece. The size does not exceed 56CM×36CM (22×12×19). After the destination, take back the checked baggage first, and then go through the customs.

2. Departure:

Foreign currency is allowed: RMB 6000 per person in cash. In terms of foreign currency, Hong Kong dollar does not exceed 8,000 yuan per person, or US dollar does not exceed 2,000 yuan per person. The value of Chinese patent medicine is RMB 300, the value of handicraft is less than RMB 1,000, one duty-free cigarette and one bottle of wine. Cameras and high-end cameras must be declared at the customs to avoid taxation when passing customs.

3. Clearance:

When crossing the border in groups, follow the instructions of the leader and don’t do it yourself. Remember not to help strangers with luggage to prevent being used by others. Before leaving the country, the cost of epidemic prevention shall be paid by oneself. please pay attention to the relevant entry and exit requirements of the customs of various countries. The entry and exit card of each country can be filled out with the assistance of the team leader.

4. Safety matters:

1. Group activities are the safest way to travel, so do not leave the group during the trip. At each station, you must write down the hotel address, phone number, leader, tour guide room number, tourist bus number, and driver’s contact number. If you lose it, you can find the team. When visiting tourist attractions or arranging free activities, be sure to remember the time and place of gathering, and leave the team. Even if it is only a few minutes, you must take the lead or greet your friends. When leaving the hotel, be sure to get the hotel’s business card so that you can ask for directions by car.

2. Take good care of your travel documents and personal belongings, and do not put valuables in your checked luggage. Cameras, video cameras, and camera batteries should not be checked in. After you receive your checked luggage, you must move the old central bar to avoid making mistakes next time. Carry precious belongings and documents with you. If you lose your belongings in the hotel or coach, the hotel or the driver will not be held responsible.

3. pay attention to the driving directions of vehicles in various countries to ensure traffic safety.

Notes for accommodation and travel:

1. Due to the differences in the food culture of various countries, it is sometimes difficult for Chinese tourists to accept meals for outbound tour groups. please “go to the countryside” and respect local eating habits. When arranging a buffet, please pay attention to the principle of economy, eat as much as possible, do not waste, mainly cold water, if you need hot water or tea, you can bring it by the waiter, but you must pay a tip. Special requirements for personal eating habits can be submitted to the team leader at any time, and the team leader will do his best to help you.

2. Accommodation: After arriving at the hotel, follow the arrangements of the team leader and tour guide. The principle is that two people share a room, and they can be combined freely. Remember the room numbers of the team leader and tour guide so that you can find them when you need help. Check out early to pay for drinks, food, laundry and long-distance calls.

3. The main means of transportation during the tour is the tourist bus, so please maintain the sanitation in the car. Some countries have legal protections for drivers’ work and rest. Therefore, requiring drivers to work overtime at night often results in rejection of papers. For environmental protection reasons, the law requires that drivers are not allowed to turn on the air conditioner when parking, or they will be fined. please respect local customs.

6. paid service

Enjoying services and tips have become part of foreign culture. All airport and hotel baggage handling fees and tips are to be paid by you. If you are satisfied with the quality service provided by the tour leader, local tour guide and driver, please leave an appropriate tip at the end of the trip.